Why should you choose St. Joe’s – Part 1

We recently asked our employees why they love working at St. Joe’s and what they’d share with others considering choosing a career with St. Joseph Healthcare. What we thought would be a top 5 reasons to work at St. Joe’s has become so much more! We had such incredible feedback, it’s become a three part blog series.

Why should you choose St. Joe’s – Part 1

Definitely the people….where patients aren’t just a number…staff aren’t just coworkers…they become family… I love the small community feel that I have loved about this hospital from day one.. I came here 20 years ago and I said the same thing then. ❤ -Rachel N C

The people. At SJ you feel like you belong. Your not just a number here everyone truly cares about one another and everyone is very supportive. The atmosphere is different from any other job I’ve ever had. -Michelle V

When you walk down the hall you are greeted with a smile and kind words. -Shelby Y

How the patients truly feel cared for, and thats why they choose us. We are all part of the same team…the kitchen staff, janitors, doctors, nurses..everyone is happy to be there to provide the best for the patients, and they feel it. -Aundra G

This has and will always be my home. I love my family here ? -Frederick B

Home…… sense of belonging. Being able to live out the mission and be a part of a facility that aligns itself with Gods teachings. Being able to be a steward of Gods blessing us with the gift of healing. -Kristina W, the one they call KMac

Sense of community, and a sense of pride when people ask where you work. You feel valued. -Stephanie P

The people. Everyone feels part of a little family. -Ian A


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