Category: Health & Wellness

UV Radiation vs. Your Skin

We encourage you to get outside, but while you’re out there, remember to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Dr. Prokop, a primary care provider and dermatology specialist at St. Joe’s, joined us to dive into three consequences of unprotected sun exposure.

Skin Cancer: FAQs and What to Look For

Skin cancer is something to be aware of year-round, but when sun is on the brain, questions regarding skin cancer often follow. Dr. Prokop, a primary care provider and dermatology specialist at St. Joe’s, helped us shed some light on your (sun)burning questions.

Water Safety with Dr. Pellegrini

Spending your summer by the water? Dr. Pellegrini has two important tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Outpatient Service Center: On Track for Opening

Construction crews and St. Joe’s staff have been working diligently to bring our vision to reality. Next month, we are excited to welcome patients to our new St. Joseph Outpatient Service Center!

St. Joe’s Free Little Library

In July of 2021, with the help of book donors and local artist, Liam Reading, we introduced St. Joe’s Free Little Library to our community. It’s located outside our hospital’s Main Entrance and allows readers to pass along their treasured books for the next person to enjoy.

Food Impaction 101

Dr. Michael Sighinolfi, a gastroenterologist at St. Joseph Gastroenterology, sat down with us to share the basics of food impactions, including reasons food impactions can occur—like eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE).