Observing Holy Week

For Christians worldwide, Holy Week is the most sacred and holy of days in the year. It is eight days that allow an opportunity to reflect upon the shift in humanity Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross launched.

It starts with Palm Sunday when Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem. According to the gospels, the people in Jerusalem waved and spread branches on the ground in recognizing Him as the Messiah, the Son of God. The week leads us through the Last Supper, His crucifixion, and ends on Easter Sunday with His resurrection.

This is the basis and core of Christianity and with each day of Holy Week we get a glimpse into the heart of Jesus, His mercy and love for all people. His love is reflected in every significant step toward the cross, through every breath up to the last, and His resurrection giving hope for new life.

As a Catholic healthcare institution, we continue His healing presence in the world through our work and service, as we focus our efforts toward hope and healing for the common good.

Important Dates of Lent Brief Overview of Significance 2021 Dates
Palm Sunday Celebrates Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem March 28, 2021
Holy Week The week leading up to Easter March 28 – April 3, 2021
Maundy Thursday Commemorates the foot washing (modeling service) and Last Supper (Passover) of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. April 1, 2021
Good Friday Commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary April 2, 2021
Holy Saturday Commemorates Jesus’ body resting in the tomb April 3, 2021
Easter Sunday Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and his victory over sin and death. April 4, 2021


“The seasons of Lent and Easter are the tales of two covenants. Both are important relationships and experiences of God. The first is one of longing and waiting, sorrow and repentance. We learn how to reach out to God in the darkness. We come to trust in God, ever-present and deeply compassionate, even when we feel distant. The second speaks of relief, grace and joy. The New Covenant of Resurrection is one of unbridled joy, one given by a God who shares our experiences as humans; a physically present God who knows and has overcome the darkness. At a time where we may have questioned God’s presence, they both remind us of a God who perpetually whispers, “I am with you.” (The Catholic Health Association, USA)

Holy Week invites us to see the triumph and sorrow together in the Paschal Mystery of our Lord. This year we have lived through the shared experience of a pandemic with its triumphs and sorrows as well. We hope this season of grace and healing will bring you strength and the assurance you are not alone. Blessings of Hope, Healing and Joy to you and yours!