5 Things Our GI Staff Want You To Know

5 Things Our GI Staff Want You to Know

In honor of GI Nurses and Associates week, we’re handing the mic over to the amazing staff themselves. Gastrointestinal care– whether preventative or diagnostic—is so important. Here are 5 things our GI staff want you to know.

  1. Identifying and addressing gastrointestinal issues can be frustrating, but it is always worth it. If you are experiencing concerning symptoms or dealing with discomfort, don’t delay care. We know dealing with these issues can feel disheartening and often vulnerable, but we’re here to help (and we’ve seen it all!)
  2. Give us all the details. When it comes to answering questions or sharing your symptoms, there’s no such thing as TMI (too much information). Together we can get to the bottom of the problem and come up with a care plan that will work for you. Along the same lines, remember there are no stupid questions!
  3. The prep work is worse than the test. Yes, we’re talking about colonoscopies. We’ve never heard reports of anyone enjoying the clear liquids diet or the high volumes of liquid prep required for the procedure. Rest assured, the test itself is much quicker and we do our best to make the experience as positive as possible. Colonoscopies are super important and should be completed as recommended. Colorectal cancer is curable if caught in the early stages. Early detection by way of screenings is vital.
  4. Your gastrointestinal health is linked to your overall health. This is just one more reason addressing your gastrointestinal health is important. A healthy gut can lead to a stronger immune system, better brain health, better sleep, and can even prevent cancer.
  5. We have the best ? jokes. Your digestive health is no laughing matter, but sometimes comic relief is necessary. Since our lives revolve around the GI tract, it’s only fitting we have a few good jokes up our sleeves.

Thank you to our amazing GI team for providing attentive, quality care to our patients!