COVID-19 Vaccine Update – February 7, 2020

Governor Mills announced state-wide plans to begin COVID-19 vaccinations for individuals within the tiering group 1-B. 1B is dedicated to protecting vulnerable residents and frontline workers.

There are several priority levels within the 1B category.

The Maine CDC has instructed that at this time, the only group eligible to receive vaccine within the 1B category are individuals who are 70 years of age and older. Individuals in the 1A category continue to be eligible as well.

Noting that all vaccination plans are dependent upon receiving vaccine from the federal government.

St. Joseph Hospital has received a very limited supply of vaccine each week—and has used all vaccine coviddoses within the week in which they were provided.

The Maine CDC is providing larger amounts of vaccine to regional vaccination sites like the one located at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. To obtain further information about how to schedule an appointment at this site or other regional vaccination sites—please visit the Maine CDC website.

Due to the limited vaccine supply being provided to St. Joseph Hospital we are encouraging all eligible community members to try to obtain the vaccine at regional vaccination sites in which there is a more ample vaccine supply.

Each week, St. Joseph Hospital receives notification from the Maine CDC as to the amount of vaccine that can be expected to arrive in the following days.

Due to the very limited supply of vaccine St. Joseph Hospital is receiving each week, vaccine doses are being provided to those who may experience challenges in accessing a large community vaccination site.

Eligible individuals are included on a selection roster list—and are randomly selected to ensure equity for all eligible individuals.

Once selected, an individual will receive a phone call from a member of St. Joseph Hospital to arrange a vaccine appointment.

If you are a member of a St. Joseph Hospital primary care practice and 70 years of age or older you are already included on the St. Joseph Hospital selection roster list.

If you are NOT a member of a St. Joseph Hospital primary care practice and are 70 years of age and older…and would like to be included on the St. Joseph Hospital selection roster list….you can call 207-907-3441, please provide your full name, date of birth and phone number at the end of the message as you are prompted.

If you have already provided your contact information, there is no need to leave another message. Your name has already been added to the selection roster list.

Based on receiving a very limited supply of vaccine from the Maine CDC, St. Joseph Hospital is not yet able to conduct high-throughput vaccine clinics.

However, as soon as St. Joseph Hospital receives a more ample supply of vaccine the Organization is ready and prepared to vaccinate several thousand individuals each week. These plans are all dependent upon receiving vaccine from the Maine CDC.

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