Welcome Autumn With a Healthy Mindset

The nights are growing longer, and the day light hours are fading quickly. It’s inevitable, summer is approaching its end. Not only does the warm summer air lessen, but often our commitment to physical activity takes the back burner when the days no longer seem perfect. Simultaneously, we give into treats  we haven’t had at our fingertips in months. That pumpkin spice isn’t only being used  in our wax warmers. Our coffees suddenly include  hundreds of calories as we add those sugar-packed syrups we haven’t enjoyed since last year. Are pumpkin chocolate chip cookies constantly baking in your oven, too? Is it even possible to eat only one? Here are a few tips to consider  to prevent that dreaded tightening of the belt.

Along with the cooling of the air comes the changing of the leaves and beautiful foliage. Spend some time walking in your neighborhood or plan hikes around the state. Take advantage of the beauty fall offers, especially in Maine. That crisp air is refreshing, and exercise in the cool temperatures  makes that warm blanket seem even more welcoming and cozy.

Not only are apple orchards and pumpkin patches busy,  but fall farmer’s markets often have just as much to offer. Set your sights on those seasonal fruits and vegetables. Squash, pumpkin, or zucchini are wonderful choices for meal sides or to add into a main course. Perhaps adding a little cinnamon to those apples and pears you  hand-picked may intrigue those taste buds.

Think of meals that can be made in large batches and frozen for a future day. A few of my fall favorites include slow cooker oatmeal or turkey chili. It’s time to dust off that slow cooker and enjoy convenient cooking. .

Determined to indulge in  those warm drinks? Trying different herbal teas or making your own lattes at home. Both can be life changers on  the waistline and  wallet. Not to mention, many teas contain beneficial antioxidants.

Along with fall comes football season Along with football comes hours spent in front of the TV and  comfort foods that make  Sundays feel complete. Try staying active and avoiding an overabundance of calories. Not all game day treats need to be junk foods.

Lastly, focus on intention when it comes to fall treats. Just because that dish of candy corn is there, doesn’t mean you need  to overindulge. Take notice of your portion sizes and how frequently  you have a tasty treat. I personally love different seasonal yogurts like  pumpkin pie or caramel apple. Yogurt not only contains protein but may improve digestion and offer  multiple other health benefits as well. Not to mention, it may be the perfect alternative to help satisfy that sweet tooth.