Updated Visitor Guidelines – Effective February 25, 2021

Creating a safe environment for our employees, patients and community is our top priority – and balancing safety with healing is so important to us. Given the lower prevalence of COVID-19 in our communities, it is now appropriate to update visitor restrictions – allowing patients more time with friends and loved ones while keeping our team and patients safe.

Effective, February 25th (Thursday) the following visitor restrictions go into effect:

  • All employees, visitors, and patients will be screened for symptoms and must have a temperature lower than 100
    • Mondays – Fridays visitors will be allowed between the hours of 3-7pm
    • Saturdays – Sundays visitors will be allowed between the hours of 12-4pm
    • Visitors or patient escorts need to be ≥18 years old. Case by case exceptions may be allowed for those under the age of 18.
    • One visitor will be allowed per 24 hour period
    • No visitors will be allowed to visit patients who are on precautions due to testing positive for COVID-19
    • Visitors and escorts must wear a mask at all timesvisitor restrictions change at st. joseph hospital Masks are required at all times while in one of our facilities.

Updated patient escort guidance:

• Emergency Department/Outpatient Practices – One visitor/patient escort per patient will be allowed
• End of Life and Compassionate Care: The number of visitors at a time will be determined by the care team on a case by case basis – erring on the side of healing and compassion.
• Hospital Outpatient Departments: Patient escorts will be allowed on a case by case basis to aid in care planning/needs of the patient.
• Pre-Surgical Patients: ONE patient escort will be allowed per patient to escort the patient to the presurgical (ASU) area of the hospital. Once the patient is taken to the OR for surgery, the patient escort will be encouraged to leave and follow-up will be done with them by the care team once the patient has been settled into the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU).