The Gallery at 900 Features New Artist

The Gallery at 900 Features New Artist

At first glance, it’s the unique art and bright natural lighting that characterize the space at St. Joseph Healthcare Internal Medicine at Building 5 of the 900 Broadway campus. This beautiful building is home to The Gallery at 900, part of a larger Healing Arts program that uses art to aid in recovery. In addition to permanent and loaned collections, the gallery hosts a rotating art exhibit featuring talented local artists.

On February 26, Jeff Wahlstrom became the artist behind the latest rotating collection. Through May 28, 2021, patients and staff of St. Joseph Healthcare Internal Medicine can view Wahlstrom’s work, which is inspired by the natural beauty of Maine and Atlantic Canada.

This exhibit brings beauty to St. Joseph Healthcare patients and great pride to Wahlstrom who shared, “It’s exciting as an artist to be able to get this art up and in a show during this time in particular. I think a lot of artists have had a hard time displaying their art…”

Thank you to Quirk Chevrolet and Maine Chevy Dealers for being the sponsor of the Gallery at 900 for the 2021 year.

Meet the Artist

Jeff Wahlstrom is a printmaker, collage artist, and sculptor living and working in Bangor, Maine. Undergraduate classes at Bates College with Donald Lent and Robert Feintuch set the stage for Jeff’s exploration of a medium he describes as “watercolor collage.” It is a process he begins by painting swaths of watercolor paper. He then tears, cuts, and glues the paper to compose his images, resulting in landscapes that are “built” using layer upon layer of paper to create perceived and actual depth of image. Wahlstrom later ventured into block printing, and more recently, “white line” printing.

About the Healing Arts Program

The St. Joseph Healthcare Healing Arts Program was established in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic volunteers, staff and artists. The purpose of the Healing Arts Program is to enhance the healthcare environment and aid in healing and recovery. The program is overseen by the St. Joseph Healthcare Art Commission, a group of volunteers who guide the exhibition and acquisition of art in many different forms: rotating art exhibits, permanent collections, sculpture, music and performances. Learn more here:

The growth of the Healing Arts program is supported by generous donors and the dedication of our amazing volunteers.