Primary Care: Positive Relationships = Positive Outcomes

Your relationship with your primary care provider is a powerful one. When you connect with the right PCP, you’ll find that communication comes easier, you’re more comfortable, and you might even look forward to your annual visits. A strong relationship with your primary care provider leads to positive health outcomes.

A healthy primary care provider relationship is one in which…

Your PCP listens to you.
It is difficult when you are not heard, especially when it comes to your health.  A positive relationship with your PCP means they offer respect and a listening ear. You are given the floor to voice your concerns, ask questions, and set the agenda for your appointment. From there, your provider can offer the necessary education, information, and support to guide you to your goals.

You listen to your PCP.
It’s easier to take advice from someone you trust and who has your best interests at heart. Kathy Bouton-Semmel, PA-C, shared, “When you establish a longtime, understanding relationship with a patient, you have a higher percentage of influencing them toward better and healthier choices for their life.” These healthy choices can include medication management, nutrition, exercise, stress management… the list goes on!

It’s a team effort.
There is power in numbers. Tackling your health issues or navigating a chronic condition isn’t something you should do alone. When you team up with your provider, it’s not you vs. your health concerns. It’s US vs. your health concerns. You have access to knowledge, resources, encouragement, and care that lead to a better outcome.

Your health shouldn’t be put on the backburner. Take a step towards a healthier future by finding the right St. Joseph Primary Care Provider for you.

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