Be Healthy Maine

Walk the Walk

Jamie Vaughn, RN gets up every day at 4:30am to walk rain or shine. Why? For her health.

Commit to Get Fit – Virtual Event

Commit to Get Fit has gone virtual for 2020 and we want everyone in our community to know how to participate in this great event to both advance your health and support the St. Joseph Healthcare SAFE Nurses Program.

St. Joseph Healthcare’s care management team works the mission

“We like to say ‘we work the mission’ in the community and with compassion. Every day, our job is to walk beside our patients — whether it’s at an office visit, home visit, or wherever they’d like to see us — and connect them with the care, support, or referral they need.”

A Conversation with Andrew Donovan, RN – Infection Preventionist

We ALL play a critical role in our efforts to keep COVID-19 at bay – in the hospital whether you work in EVS, dietary services, or are a CNA, nurse or provider, you all contribute to the wellbeing of our organization and our community as a whole. Simply wearing a mask when at work and when out in public will go a long way in preventing the spread of COVID. Our future well-being and that of our children depends on it.

Sister Barbara Reflects on the Impact of COVID-19

Recently several TV Networks carried a story regarding the death of 13 Felician Sisters in one convent in Livonia, MI.  Sr Edith and I received several phone calls from friends who knew the sisters were members of our Community, and others inquiring whether we knew them.  We knew them, as we travelled each year to Chicago or Detroit for our annual Community Assembly where members of our Community gathered from all over the country to assess our life-style and make plans for the future.  This was not one of our plans.  I knew all of them, and had worked with four of them, having lived in that convent for four years while I studied at Madonna University and worked at (then) St Mary’s Hospital.