One Year, One Word: Reflecting on COVID-19 One Year Later

Early last year, we heard the first whispers of a mysterious virus that was spreading fast and wreaking havoc to public health. COVID-19 quickly became the topic of every conversation. We didn’t know much, but we knew it was life changing. Only later would we find out to what degree.

COVID Hits Close to Home

Soon after its discovery, the virus found its way to Maine and into our community. Schools closed, grocery stores faced inventory shortages, and anxiety grew to record heights. Determined to persevere, the St. Joe’s team put their heads together to find new ways to adapt and overcome. This meant moving to virtual visits nearly overnight, supporting emerging needs within the community, facilitating safe and efficient vaccination clinics, and more. This also meant many late nights, early mornings, and personal sacrifices.

Now one year has passed. We know more about the virus, we’ve created effective solutions, and we’re stronger than before. St. Joe’s has grown as a team – and most would agree they’ve grown individually as well.

When asked what word captures this past year of COVID-19,
these are the words St. Joe’s staff shared.

Reflection, Renewal, Resilience

In honor of the one-year anniversary of COVID, we’re pausing to reflect on these lifechanging months and admire what we, as a community, overcame. We asked St. Joe’s employees to share a word they would use to capture this past year. Most often, they shared the words compassion, resilience, and strength. A few pointed to the faith that kept them afloat and the creativity that led to critical solutions.

Though this past year was devastating in many ways, we are thankful for the good that came with the bad. With the same grateful heart, we are now focused on renewing our mind, body, and spirits for the remaining journey. We are relishing in our resilience, emerging wiser and stronger.

In one word, what has COVID-19 meant for you?