Community Takes Part in Honoring Healthcare Heroes

St. Joseph Healthcare has some of the kindest, most dedicated staff around. Biased, perhaps, but the positive feedback from the community tells us it’s not at all far from the truth. Each kind comment or uplifting testimonial is a reminder of why we do what we do. It keeps our mission alive and hearts overflowing.

Richard, among those recognized, has been part of our ultrasound team for 21 years!

So after a challenging year, we called on you.

After a very challenging year, we saw no better time than now to send appreciation to some of the healthcare heroes who have been serving our community through unprecedented times.┬áIn the month of March, St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation launched a Doctors’ Day campaign to encourage donors to make gifts in honor of a healthcare here and to include a note of thanks. (You can read some of these notes here.) Our community came forward with great gratitude and generosity. They not only honored staff, but raised over $34,000 to provide compassionate and accessible healthcare to our community.

We had the privilege of delivering these kind words directly!

Members of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation team hand-delivered notes to those honored. Recipients were humbled, thankful, and often at a loss for words. Others had this to say:

“It has been said that in the end, only kindness matters. I am deeply moved that someone expressed this heartfelt kindness and made such a gift.” -Dr. Deron

Darla Cameron, FNP, received well-deserved appreciation for her compassionate care.

“I am humbled and very grateful that someone has chosen to recognize me. I’m happy to take care of patients in our community everyday.” -Dr. Vanadia

“The notes from my patients were SO meaningful and made my day! It really did make me feel appreciated.” -Dr. Rock

Thank you to our community for sharing these kind words!