A Conversation with Mary Prybylo – The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same

This is my first blog post – ever. I’m so pleased to have a new avenue to communicate more directly with our patients and our community. I consider it an opportunity to have conversations with all of you. I look forward to your feedback and to answering your questions and concerns. I’m starting out with the topic we’ve all probably felt overwhelmed with at one time or another over the course of the last several months, the impact of COVID-19.

I was recently asked by a member of the St. Joe’s team what won’t change back to the status quo we knew before we ever heard the term COVID-19. There is so much we don’t know about what the future will hold, and we know we can expect an unknown period of transitions as we move forward – safely reintroducing patients into our practices and hospital to receive care – while ensuring the health of our staff, patients, and community. There are some outcomes from our preparation and response period that I hope to keep with us through these transitions and beyond:

  • The appreciation for so many people who make our world run that we might not have properly recognized with appreciation prior to the pandemic – lab, EVS, couriers, our culinary team, other unsung heroes in our community. We are ALL essential and we all have an important role to play.
  • The understanding of the impact infectious diseases have on our global society.  The importance of good hygiene practices, not coming to work sick, understanding the impact our behavior can have on others.
  • The ways we have learned to innovate and work together across diverse industries, most notably our collaboration with the Community Health Leadership Board (CHLB), UMaine, and The Challenger Center.
  • The community collaboration – together we can accomplish great things to protect and care for our community.
  • Telemedicine as an option to our care offerings. It has proven to be a way to connect more thoroughly with patients. It also provides our patients an alternative to traveling great distances for brief appointments.
  • The appreciation and importance of teachers.
  • The need to support our vulnerable populations and elders in our community.

I know the incredible team work and mission at St. Joseph Healthcare will stick around, always.

I look forward to future conversations with you.