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How to Pick the Right Provider For You

Finding the right primary care provider is like finding a good pair of jeans. The hunt can be long and disheartening, but when you do find a good pair, you hold onto them forever. If you’re searching for a PCP, here are a few tips to simplify the hunt.

Dr. Jean-Jacques Named Board Member of Maine Medical Association

Jims D. Jean-Jacques, DO, FACC, was named the newest member of the Maine Medical Association (MMA) Board of Directors. In addition to his contributions to MMA, he is an active leader and highly respected provder within the St. Joseph Healthcare community.

SAFE Program Evolves, Introducing a New Position

Exciting changes are taking place within our Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) program to bring more education and prevention to our community! We are excited to announce Keri Kapaldo as our SAFE Clinical Leader.

Laboratory Professionals or Healthcare Detectives?

It's Medical Laboratory Professionals Week! This is a team of vital healthcare detectives, working behind the scenes to bring you informative results that help providers diagnose and treat patients. In fact, it is said that 70% of all important decisions regarding a patient's health involve a laboratory test.

Partnering to Bring 24/7 Healthcare Access to Jackman, ME

Limited access to healthcare is a problem hitting closer to home than you may realize. Eastern Maine Community College, St. Joseph Healthcare, and Jackman Community Health Center have partnered to bring 24/7 access to healthcare in Jackman, Maine.

Why Primary Care Leads to A Longer, Healthier Life

Though traditional primary care has seen ups and downs in popularity, it’s still as important as ever before. We spoke with our very own Miki Macdonald, FNP, and Kathy Bouton-Semmel, PA-C, to figure out why this is.